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Business Symbiosis:
We strongly believe in a partnership approach with both our customers as well as our vendors. As a manufacturer, we fabricate components that meet your demands and in turn those of your customers, the end user. We understand that your success is linked to our performance. With Yash Lasertek India Pvt Ltd as an extension of your business, we strive to understand your needs and the needs of your customers. Our sales, production and management team effectively communicates with you to synchronize our collective business needs and expectations to ensure mutual success. As aptly expressed “help us cut your worries”.
Proven Quality System:
The manufacturing methodology has been adhering to ISO 9001:2008 standards for the past seven years. Our quality system is benchmarked at 500 PPM rate of customer returns. A comprehensive tracking system along with quality procedures and operator certification program enables operators, quality supervisors and management a real-time tracking and inspection of every component at every operation from the simplest of components to large complex assemblies. The result is a quality product time and time again.
Kan-ban Inventory:
As a means to lower cost and decrease lead-time, we offer Kan-Ban inventory control. Kan-Ban is a system to maintain a specific level of finished goods inventory and a level of work in process to replenish releases prior to the next release requirement. There are numerous benefits to a Kan-Ban system including reduction in inventory values related to cost of storage, counting, dusting, damage, insurance and obsolescence. An efficient Kan-Ban system can reduce cost of inventory by 30% while maintaining short lead times. The efficient sales, production and management teams are experienced in developing Kan-Ban systems that benefit our customer's needs. We would be happy to discuss how Kan-Ban can work for your organization.